An Extensive Word Bank

A collection of musings

English Civil War Reflection

Now that the TALONS class has wrapped up our English Civil War unit in Social Studies, the time for reflections has come. Sometimes it can be difficult to bring together all that we have been learning in the past weeks, especially with the variety of teachers and the media used to cover the topics we find important, but that is exactly what I am going to do right now. After.. Read More

The life of a poet is a busy one

It seems that at the end of each mentoring session with Jamie and Jacob, I am buzzed with a renewed desire to write some really awesome poetry, but with the late-evening meeting (and perhaps the consumption of Starbucks caffeinated chai tea lattes), it becomes almost impossible to fall asleep. Then begins the circle of obsessive poetic thoughts. I can admit that the loss of sleep is not helping out with my overall well-being, and it.. Read More

Know what you’re talking about

Another poetry session with Jacob has passed by, and Jamie and I are slowly making our way through his curriculum. After discussing ‘Topic’ in our last meeting, we focused mostly on ‘Development’ and worked through some of our recent poems. The ‘development’ aspect of writing poetry has to do with a) knowing what you are talking about and b) thoroughly exploring your message, rather than repeating the same ideas over.. Read More

Half Full or Half Empty?: A Social [Studies] Dilemma

Throughout the past week or so, discussions in the Social Studies side of TALONS have stemmed into ongoing conversation inside and outside the classroom, and even online (Twitter #talonsSS). After reading the first chapter in Howard Zinn’s Life After Capitalism, we found ourselves not only discussing the situation of Columbus and the Indians, but also concepts like the writing of history, the ‘greater good’ mantra, and the idea that everything is.. Read More

How do you teach poetry?

Fortunately, the videos of Jamie and I performing at the Vancouver Poetry Slam have finally been posted. Please check out the links below. Yellow – Emma Field Construction Paper – Emma Field Family Thing – Jamie Fajber Time, Movement of – Jamie Fajber Of course, I cringe every time I watch these; I cannot stand watching myself on video, but please drop a comment and tell me what you think!.. Read More

A Wonderful Night of Spoken Word, Snapping, and Belly Dancing

  Café Deux Soleils is small coffee shop on Commercial Drive, one that seems perfectly normal on a Monday night at 6:00pm. 6:00pm was when we walked past for the first time and peered into the window; the café seemed pretty casual and actually very  empty, for that matter. A few hipster-like characters sat around drinking coffee or lattes or vegan cappuccinos (whatever hipsters are drinking these days), while a small raised stage sat in furthest wall. It didn’t seem.. Read More

Unit 2 Reflections

Reflections on Healthy Eating: Eating a nutritious, balanced diet and exercising on a regular basis are two key factors that help maintain a healthy mind and body.  The word  ‘diet’ can be quite daunting in itself, as it is often associated with outrageous eating regimes, but a diet, by definition, is simply the regular eating habits of an individual. Both adults and youth are influenced by the media to believe.. Read More

Honest Poetry

It all started with a chain reaction of poems, I suppose. It was Jamie who first felt the compulsive need to scribble down a poem one day,  which then compelled my to write one of my own, perhaps out of curiosity if I could do it all. It had been quite a while since poetry was the subject of my interest or my writing, and my only memorable accomplishment in.. Read More

Night of the Notables: A Reflection

At 10:35pm, I think we all breathed for the first time all night. That day, school had lasted 14 hours, and I think that I can speak for everyone when I say that we were exhausted. But I can only speak for myself when I say that I was happy. Just happy to be a part of the entire production known as Night of the Notables, and to hear success stories.. Read More


Now that Eminent Night has now come to a close, this post will outline some of my major information sources that I have used throughout my project.  Coming soon: my reflection on Night of the Notables. Sally Ride Wikipedia Page: This source provides a brief description of Sally’s life and accomplishments, and I used it at the very beginning of the project to decide on my notable person of study. .. Read More