An Extensive Word Bank

A collection of musings

An Interview with Mr. Mark Castro

One integral part of the Eminent Study experience is the conducting of an interview with someone who may be able to offer some insight of your eminent person, or an aspect of their existence. With so much literature  that exists on Frida Kahlo, I knew early on that my interview would be primarily opinion-based, or very much hinging on the experience of the interviewee. I began my search by contacting various.. Read More

The Embodiment of Frida Kahlo: A Document of Learning

We often speak of the sculpting metaphor when referring to the cutting and polishing of our speeches and learning centers, and recently, I have been chiselling at the final touches of both. My speech has only been tweaked slightly since I had first (machete) edited my first draft, to accomodate transitions between performances (it is arranged that I am following the illustrious Miranda Sings), and the only thing left to.. Read More

A Trip to the Library

The usually rambunctious TALONS gang turned their sights towards observation and research during our recent trip to Simon Fraser University, a trip with the broad goal to earn some insight on ourselves and our chosen eminent person. Within that goal however, I chose to focus on a few key points: to document my experiences in a way that could allow me to reflect and share with others, to gain some.. Read More

The Story Behind the Face

Her face was one known by many, iconic and beautiful in one of the most unconventional ways of her time. However, the tragic circumstances that led to her success are far lesser known, and despite this, the works created in this woman’s image have earned world-wide acclaim. Meet Frida. As a Mexican painter and a woman unafraid to speak her mind, Frida Kahlo dedicated herself to translating her reality to.. Read More

The Fedorables Take to the Stage

I must say this: Hullabaloo 2014 was a unforgettable, wonderful weekend of unbelievably good poetry, city exploring, passionate finger snapping, and love. Yes, love, and here’s why. If there was one thing I walked out with after Hullabaloo, it would have to a renewed appreciation for all of the high school poets and guest poets that took to the stage throughout the weekend. In the many hours spent basking in.. Read More

Jean Sylvain Bailly: Je ne tremble pas

To think that I was safe in Nantes was a foolish thought. I should have been more cautious, more careful of my presence in the city, as my face has never been more recognizable than it is now. Well, I suppose not now, considering that my face is no longer attached to the rest of my body, but as the past mayor of Paris, it wasn’t difficult to identify and arrest.. Read More

Hullabaloo 2014!

Hullabaloo, the BC high school poetry slam, is only a week away, and I am feeling the usual mix of excitement and nervousness that usually goes along with performances like these. I talked quite a bit about it in my last post, so I’ll just update by saying that the team will be working hard up until competition. From the beginning, our mentor, Jacob, had always been telling us what.. Read More

Jean Sylvain Bailly: Mémoires d’un témoin de la Révolution

November 1791 I regret to say that my turn in this revolution has concluded. As I sit now, in the city of Nantes, I no longer see myself as a player in this game, but a witness to the happenings in France in the past years. Hence the name of my newly written work, “Memoirs of a Witness of the Revolution”. My popularity has considerably decreased in the city of Paris, and.. Read More

Jean Sylvain Bailly: Au revoir les sciences, bonjour la révolution

It is coming soon. I can feel it in every bone of my body, that we are on the verge of something great. So great, in fact, that I have abandoned my scientific studies to invest all my time and effort into this cause, because I sense that I, along with the people of France, shall be served their justice soon enough. But just as everybody else knows, our state will.. Read More

Crunch Time

Today marks three weeks until Hullabaloo, the provincial slam competition that Jamie, Lyle, and I (TALONS pride) are participating in later this month. At this point, our mentor Jacob is playing a very large role in supporting and coaching us so that all our poetry pieces are competition ready. I mention this a lot in my previous posts, but it seems that all my free time is filled with the.. Read More