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Canadian Identity: More than a Hashtag

With election season rolling around later this year, Canadian political parties are directing massive amounts of attention into making sure that, you, a Canadian citizen, hear their claims, promises, beliefs, and smears loud and clear. However, whether this information reaches you through a TV ad or a newspaper flyer, we can see that various political narratives are woven through them to prompt you to believe that the narrative they present.. Read More

Changing Perspectives: A Document of Learning

“Evaluate the impact of interactions between Aboriginals and European explorers and settlers in Canada from 1815-1914.” The relations between the two groups mentioned in the quote above (from the Socials 10 curriculum) has been a topic of discussion since the beginning of the semester, whether from current events or curricular discussions. However, my thoughts, feelings, and drive of curiosity for the matter has evolved greatly in the past week or so,.. Read More

A Touch of Whimsy: One month of In-Depth to Go!

Each of the last few weeks have seemed to fly by, as In-Depth Night and Adventure Trip are quickly approaching (not to mention the general busy-ness that is AprilMayJune). However, I have been finding some solace in dedicating small amounts of time to digital modelling, which I have surprisingly found to have a de-stressing, almost soothing effect. Since my last post, I have taken a step away from more practical.. Read More

Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going, Part 2: The Midterm

As we reach the mid-point of our semester in Social Studies, we have begun to piece together our various assignments, projects, discussions, and role-plays, and contextualize them in relation to the course curriculum. This process serves to give us an idea of which prescribed learning outcomes (PLO’s) have been checked off our list, and the ones that will be explored more rigorously in the following months. For myself, I’ve felt.. Read More

Transcribed Notes for Confederation Conference Debate

Nation: Lower Canada Points of Argument: Summary French Canadian schooling and churches available for all French Canadians to maintain cultural practices and traditions to enrich the cultural diversity of the unified country to the honour Canada’s French speaking individuals Half of Parliamentary seats reserved for French Canadians to eliminate British bias in political environment recognizing a distinct and prominent cultural population, and honouring their unique perspectives French as a nation.. Read More

Marie-Anne Gaboury: A Final Salute

Summer, 1867 I did not live this life for myself, but rather, I have lived it for every one that must come after me. As a young French girl Maskinongé, the only ambitions ever set upon me were those of motherhood, and although it is a title I hold with dearest love, I never could have foreseen what my travels in the West have brought me- that the modest wife.. Read More

Marie-Anne Gaboury: My heart stays with my brothers and sisters of French Canada.

Dear Diary,                                                     Spring, 1841 Oh, spite! What a life to be leading at this time and age! A political whirlwind occurs in the East, and I, a true Frenchwoman, am only dealt scraps of news about the new union. As fur traders pass in and out of the [Red River] colony, they deliver the latest happenings related to ‘The Act’, and I constantly grow more distraught over the future of my people in this.. Read More

Continuing Studies: In-Depth Week 9

Our two weeks off for Spring Vacation offered a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of school life, and for some, some quality time to focus on their In-Depth projects. Although I was away for one of the weeks, I managed to set aside some time for  digital modelling and reading through the material that Mr. Biley gave me in our last session. This weekend I plan to work.. Read More

A Visit to the Tech-Ed Dept.: In-Depth Week 9

For the past couple of weeks, I have been finding it bit more difficult to delve into my In-Depth on a regular basis (due to other leadership events and such), but found some time to speak with Mr. Biley, the Tech-Ed teacher at Gleneagle. Through some email correspondence, I found out that the school had its own working 3D printer, so I was curious to take a look at it,.. Read More