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Changing Perspectives: A Document of Learning

“Evaluate the impact of interactions between Aboriginals and European explorers and settlers in Canada from 1815-1914.” The relations between the two groups mentioned in the quote above (from the Socials 10 curriculum) has been a topic of discussion since the beginning of the semester, whether from current events or curricular discussions.¬†However, my thoughts, feelings, and drive of curiosity for the matter has evolved greatly in the past week or so,.. Read More

A Touch of Whimsy: One month of In-Depth to Go!

Each of the last few weeks have seemed to fly by, as In-Depth Night and Adventure Trip are quickly approaching (not to mention the general busy-ness that is AprilMayJune). However, I have been finding some solace in dedicating small amounts of time to digital modelling, which I have surprisingly found to have a de-stressing, almost soothing effect. Since my last post, I have taken a step away from more practical.. Read More