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Continuing Studies: In-Depth Week 9

Our two weeks off for Spring Vacation offered a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of school life, and for some, some quality time to focus on their In-Depth projects. Although I was away for one of the weeks, I managed to set aside some time for  digital modelling and reading through the material that Mr. Biley gave me in our last session. This weekend I plan to work.. Read More

A Visit to the Tech-Ed Dept.: In-Depth Week 9

For the past couple of weeks, I have been finding it bit more difficult to delve into my In-Depth on a regular basis (due to other leadership events and such), but found some time to speak with Mr. Biley, the Tech-Ed teacher at Gleneagle. Through some email correspondence, I found out that the school had its own working 3D printer, so I was curious to take a look at it,.. Read More

Who is the ‘Our’ in Our Home and Native Land?

“In modern times a person cannot walk into a stranger’s home and claim ownership of the house and the furnishings without committing a crime. What European explorers did at the time of contact and after was tantamount to walking into a person’s home and taking possession of the house and the belongings.” -Tamara Starblanket from Treaties: Negotiations and Rights What constitutes the ownership of land?  Better yet, can land already occupied.. Read More