I am very happy to say that my 3D printer is on track to be completed by this weekend! It’s pretty gratifying to have reached this milestone in my In-Depth, which will now opened up lots more opportunities for learning for the remainder of my project. It was a long, often complicated process, but has resulted in a (nearly) working machine as well as an increased level of knowledge on my part. All that is left to do is a bit of wiring, and then the calibration and printing process can begin!

My post this week will be a bit of a different format, as I have chosen to do a bit of a ‘virtual tour’ of my printer though a video. Hopefully this we’ll give you a more visual understanding of how the printer works, as well as some documentation of my learning through the past month or so. Follow the link below and enjoy!

In terms of my mentorship relationship, Ashley and I have been keeping in touch, but I have mostly benefited from independent work recently just because of the nature of building and assembling my printer. However, when I can’t make it out to Hack Space very often, he is happy to answer any questions via email, which connects to DeBono’s chapter for this week: How to Question. Even from my first meeting with Ashley, I prepared questions in advance to get the most out of our sessions; this has also helped me keep a good record of my progress throughout the project. At the beginning, my questions were mostly “fishing questions”, as I wanted to leave the response as open to Ashley’s expertise as possible. As I move through the project however, I expect this questions to narrow themselves further to the “shooting question” category, where I am asking him about more specific or technical matters. However, I do believe that fishing questions will still be necessary and valuable.

On another note, Ashley has also referred me to the Hack Space Forum, where there are online discussions about different projects and technology, including 3D printing. I think that this will also be a helpful resource to me as well, especially when I am unable to reach him in person. In addition to Ashley though, my dad has been another person that has been helpful to me throughout the project, as he has a pretty extensive background in computer programming and hobbyist’s electronics. For these reasons, he has been able to offer a lot of advice and expertise on the programming side of 3D printing, as well as assist me on some of the more technical aspects of assembly (soldering and such). Other than that, my dad has also been a great person to discuss different modelling ideas with, as he has a good grasp on the mechanics and technology behind 3D printing. I also intend on speaking to our school’s tech-ed teacher, in the hopes that he could also provide some guidance in the area of modelling and printing.

That’s all for this week: check back in another two for some more updates!