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The ‘Gah Moment’ is Good

The mid-year transition from English classes to Social Studies classes can often be a disorienting one; however, I have already comfortably traded in my reading of Shakespeare for that of global issues and current events. The Globe and Mail newspaper has been finding its way into my lap considerably more often, and class discussions have turned their focus towards many aspects of what we like to call ‘Social Studies’: politics,.. Read More

First Victories!: In-Depth Week 7

I am very happy to say that my 3D printer is on track to be completed by this weekend! It’s pretty gratifying to have reached this milestone in my In-Depth, which will now opened up lots more opportunities for learning for the remainder of my project. It was a long, often complicated process, but has resulted in a (nearly) working machine as well as an increased level of knowledge on.. Read More

Being interesting: In-depth week 5

As my 3D printer has been steadily growing from the surface of my worktable, I have noticed more than a couple house-guests stopping and pondering the strange contraption that has sprouted in my basement. With the aluminium frame completed and the motors set in their place, my printer has gone from a box of nuts and bolts to something a whole lot closer to a working machine. At this point,.. Read More