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Learning to Agree, Disagree, and Differ: In-Depth Week 3

Now that we’re three weeks into In-Depth 2015, my 3D printing study has kicked into full swing. By spending my last few weekends building my printer and meeting my mentor for the first time, I am beginning to pick up speed as more opportunities are springing up, and as more of my questions are being answered. Looking to Edward de Bono’s book, How to Have a Beautiful Mind, to put some.. Read More

360 Degree Leader: Leadership Challenges

Challenge 1: Tension 1. How do you deal best with tension in a stressful situation? Personally, I find that when caught in a stressful situation, it is helpful to take a step away from the task at hand and reassess it from a more objective perspective. It sometimes becomes easy to get carried away in our emotions when experiencing stress, but often tension can be released simply by looking at.. Read More

360 Degree Leader: Leadership Myth Questions

Myth 1: 1. Discuss if people need to posses the top title to achieve results and help others become productive. I would say that it is not only someone with the most prominent title that can incite change within others, but instead anyone with the will to invest themselves in the needs and goals of a group. People are not only influenced by their superiors, but also from their peers, who can offer support and.. Read More

A Multi-Dimensional Experience: In-Depth 2015

For my In-Depth of 2014, I chose a field of study that was strongly geared towards the arts, through spoken-word poetry. As an emerging art form, I found it especially fascinating and validating, because in addition to conducting my own personal poetry journey, I also became part of a larger movement and community. When deciding on my In-Depth project topic for this year, I wanted to replicate this sense of.. Read More