Listed below are some sources that I have used throughout my study of Frida Kahlo, that have aided me in my research and leads for interviews.

Frida: A Biography by Hayden Herrera

This book is probably the best starting place for anyone who wants a very detailed, chronological account of Frida Kahlo’s life. It is said to be the best of the Frida Kahlo’s biographies in existence, and includes the events of her life and background from birth until death. In addition, this book does an excellent job of relating the content of her paintings to the events in her life, and also has a large emphasis on her relationship with Diego Rivera.

Frida Kahlo: Song of Herself by Salomon Grimberg

This book is focused on the accounts of Olga Campos, a psychologist who has included a psychological and medical assessment of Frida Kahlo, as well as a personal account of their friendship. It offers a more personal look at Frida’s more intimate reality with her illnesses, both physical and psychological, and her relationships with others.

Frida Kahlo: A Retrospective by various authors

A series of interpretive essays and a catalogue f Kahlo’s work are the main components that make up this book, which also includes some interesting photographs of Frida Kahlo herself. The information offered in this book, especially in the essays, are valuable when one is well acquainted with her paintings and the events of her life.

Frida Kahlo Foundation Website

This website, although including a short biography, mostly focuses on cataloguing the works of Frida Kahlo. It is very helpful to have a collection of her complete works readily available, and this website provides easy browsing through all of them.

Time Magazine Article of Frida Kahlo Exhibition by William Boston

Although written in 2010, this fairly short article explains how Frida Kahlo has been chosen to be the subject of an exhibition in Berlin. The article touches on some biographical aspects of Frida, as well as the significance of some of the paintings that woulde on display. Curators are quoted giving their interpretation of Kahlo’s work and their hopes for the exhibition.

Frida Kahlo and Contemporary Thoughts Website

An all encompassing resource that includes a short biography, information on current exhibitions, a collection of essays, and details on Frida Kahlo’s influence on fashion. This website also includes an extensive bibliography and links to other helpful sources, which makes it easier to access a wider collection of websites for research purposes.

Frida Kahlo Wikipedia Page

This page includes very limited information on Kahlo’s life and works, considering the amount of literature that has been written about her, and can only really serve as a brief overview. I only found it helpful to refer to at the beginning of my research journey, to narrow down the areas that I wished to further research.