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Biblography of Frida Kahlo

Listed below are some sources that I have used throughout my study of Frida Kahlo, that have aided me in my research and leads for interviews. Frida: A Biography by Hayden Herrera This book is probably the best starting place for anyone who wants a very detailed, chronological account of Frida Kahlo’s life. It is said to be the best of the Frida Kahlo’s biographies in existence, and includes the events.. Read More

The ‘Collage Effect’ of Night of the Notables: A Reflection

My first and last Night of the Notables as a grade 10 has come and gone, but induced such of flurry of moments throughout the evening that I knew would become some of the most memorable of the entire study. From performing the Talons rite of passage of the in-character speeches, to creating and displaying my learning center, the night was replete with endless instances of overbearing nervousness, relief, surprise,.. Read More