An Extensive Word Bank

A collection of musings

The Embodiment of Frida Kahlo: A Document of Learning

We often speak of the sculpting metaphor when referring to the cutting and polishing of our speeches and learning centers, and recently, I have been chiselling at the final touches of both. My speech has only been tweaked slightly since I had first (machete) edited my first draft, to accomodate transitions between performances (it is arranged that I am following the illustrious Miranda Sings), and the only thing left to.. Read More

A Trip to the Library

The usually rambunctious TALONS gang turned their sights towards observation and research during our recent trip to Simon Fraser University, a trip with the broad goal to earn some insight on ourselves and our chosen eminent person. Within that goal however, I chose to focus on a few key points: to document my experiences in a way that could allow me to reflect and share with others, to gain some.. Read More