That would be moi in the middle there.

It is coming soon.

I can feel it in every bone of my body, that we are on the verge of something great. So great, in fact, that I have abandoned my scientific studies to invest all my time and effort into this cause, because I sense that I, along with the people of France, shall be served their justice soon enough. But just as everybody else knows, our state will only worsen before it improves.

I am surprised and disgusted that the king speaks so positively of France’s future, when in front of his own eyes, his people are rising against him. And it is not just the lowly countryside famers who seek power, but I too. All the while peasants are complaining about the rising prices of bread, but little is thought about the people of my stature, a mayor expected to lead his people in the throes of starvation and financial unsettlement. Under the king’s rule, not even a man who bears the title of leadership can maintain power or wealth, and it is my purpose now to aid the wronged citizens of France to their rightful victory. Morale is high at this time due to the proceedings of the Oath, and I am confident in my peoples’ ability to oppose the king’s rule. Now united in passionate assembly, we, the people shall finally put an end to this drought that has plagued the country for years. I am sure that many may die in this valiant effort, but we are approaching a time of freedom, a time of rule for men who have served France without fail. And I will be on the front of this effort, a leader in his rightful place, a leader that will finally have his justice, ready to die for the rights of the people whom he represents.