An Extensive Word Bank

A collection of musings

Know what you’re talking about

Another poetry session with Jacob has passed by, and Jamie and I are slowly making our way through his curriculum. After discussing ‘Topic’ in our last meeting, we focused mostly on ‘Development’ and worked through some of our recent poems. The ‘development’ aspect of writing poetry has to do with a) knowing what you are talking about and b) thoroughly exploring your message, rather than repeating the same ideas over.. Read More

Half Full or Half Empty?: A Social [Studies] Dilemma

Throughout the past week or so, discussions in the Social Studies side of TALONS have stemmed into ongoing conversation inside and outside the classroom, and even online (Twitter #talonsSS). After reading the first chapter in Howard Zinn’s Life After Capitalism, we found ourselves not only discussing the situation of Columbus and the Indians, but also concepts like the writing of history, the ‘greater good’ mantra, and the idea that everything is.. Read More

How do you teach poetry?

Fortunately, the videos of Jamie and I performing at the Vancouver Poetry Slam have finally been posted. Please check out the links below. Yellow – Emma Field Construction Paper – Emma Field Family Thing – Jamie Fajber Time, Movement of – Jamie Fajber Of course, I cringe every time I watch these; I cannot stand watching myself on video, but please drop a comment and tell me what you think!.. Read More