An Extensive Word Bank

A collection of musings

A Wonderful Night of Spoken Word, Snapping, and Belly Dancing

  Café Deux Soleils is small coffee shop on Commercial Drive, one that seems perfectly normal on a Monday night at 6:00pm. 6:00pm was when we walked past for the first time and peered into the window; the café seemed pretty casual and actually very  empty, for that matter. A few hipster-like characters sat around drinking coffee or lattes or vegan cappuccinos (whatever hipsters are drinking these days), while a small raised stage sat in furthest wall. It didn’t seem.. Read More

Unit 2 Reflections

Reflections on Healthy Eating: Eating a nutritious, balanced diet and exercising on a regular basis are two key factors that help maintain a healthy mind and body.  The word  ‘diet’ can be quite daunting in itself, as it is often associated with outrageous eating regimes, but a diet, by definition, is simply the regular eating habits of an individual. Both adults and youth are influenced by the media to believe.. Read More

Honest Poetry

It all started with a chain reaction of poems, I suppose. It was Jamie who first felt the compulsive need to scribble down a poem one day,  which then compelled my to write one of my own, perhaps out of curiosity if I could do it all. It had been quite a while since poetry was the subject of my interest or my writing, and my only memorable accomplishment in.. Read More