An Extensive Word Bank

A collection of musings

Drowning [Happily] in Books

The TALONS group hit the streets of downtown Vancouver this past week, barricading sidewalks and wreaking havoc with every step. Our destination? Vancouver Public Library. Now that we have chosen our notable figure to study, the next step is to get to know that person little better. And what better place to do this than the 6 floored architectural giant known as the Vancouver Public Library? It was overwhelming to say the least. Our.. Read More

The Notable Sally Ride

It has been asked countless times over these past few days, a question that I had not yet found an answer to, until just recently. Who? In the past, this question has been answered with well-known names such as Maya Angelou, Harry Houdini, Jane Goodall, and Isaac Newton, while this year, even more names present themselves. Even these few names are only a small sample of the many notable people who live,.. Read More